The mission of the AIAAA is to develop, enhance and preserve the educational value of interscholastic athletics.


The AIAAA was developed by the Alberta Schools' Athletic Association (ASAA) in 2008 after many years of discussion about assisting Athletic Directors in Alberta Schools.  The AIAAA is now a stand-alone organization, which enjoys close ties with, and financial support from, the ASAA and it's 365+ member schools.


The AIAAA serves its members by providing resources to develop and enhance leadership skills and to offer opportunities for professional growth.  The AIAAA delivered its first set of Leadership Training Courses (and first ever in Canada) in April 2009 at an Athletic Directors forum in Banff, Alberta where attendance surpassed expectations and positive feedback was overwhelming.  The initiative was the first of its kind in Canada and is proud to be one of the founding partners of the CIAAA.

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