Grace College - MSc in Athletic Administration


How much does the Grace program cost?

The cost for the entire program is USD$9,000, plus the cost to take each of the prerequisite LTC courses.

When are Grace courses offered?

As a project-based program, all courses are offered every day at any time.  Courses are not just offered by sesmester.  This program has been structured as totally flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of athletic administrators.

Is this program recognized for salary purposes?

The CIAAA has had this program formally recognized for salary purposes in a number of provinces around the country.  For information on your provincial status, please contact the CIAAA.

How do I get a transcript for my CIAAA/NIAAA courses?

Once you have completed the required courses and would like to apply for a CIAAA/NIAAA transcript, you make the formal request by email to the CIAAA who will process the request with the NIAAA on your behalf (Note: the NIAAA issues all transcripts).  The transcript fee is $70 for NIAAA members and $150 for non-members.  Please note, this $150 includes the price of an annual NIAAA membership ($80 value).  All transcripts are sent directly to the university.

How long do I have to complete the program?

This is no time limit to complete the program. It takes the average student 2 years to complete the degree.

How do I apply?

To view requirements and to apply for addmissions, visit the program webpage here.

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