Grace College has developed a project-based MSc in Athletic Administration incorporating courses from both the CIAAA and NIAAA Leadership Training Program.  Through this program, students complete appropriate bundles of LTP courses (click LTP equivalencies for the complete list of courses) with either the CIAAA or NIAAA and a series associated projects with Grace College.  Projects should be designed to meet the specific needs of the student's school and/or community. It should be guided by the principles and knowledge gained through the Leadership Training Program Courses completed that meet the requirements for Grace College courses.  A good project is innovative, improves the system, arises from a genuine need and provides involvement by the stakeholders.   


Once the appropriate courses have been documented by a transcript from the NIAAA sent to Grace College, the student can enroll in the appropriate Grace College course and pay the tuition. When the project is completed and approved by Grace College the student will be awarded three-credits toward his/her Master of Science in Athletic Administration degree.



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