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The CIAAA has partnered with Grace College, who offers a fully online, project-based MSc in Athletic Administration incorporating courses from the CIAAA (and NIAAA) Leadership Training Program.  


There are twelve Grace College projects that make up the bulk of the degree. Two LTP Courses each serve as prerequisites for ten of the Grace College courses, so a total of 20 LTP courses are required to enrol and submit projects for the 10 Grace College main courses. The courses that associate with each specific Grace College project are displayed in the Course Matrix below. Courses and projects may be completed in any order, with two capping courses from Grace College to complete the degree.


The most exciting part of this degree is that all projects are of the student's choosing, and students can design their projects to be completely relevant to their own athletic administration at their school or within their athletic community. Sample projects are available in the CIAAA Resource Bank.

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How much does the program cost?

The cost for the entire program is $13,248 USD. 

Is the tuition tax deductible in Canada?

Yes, you may receive tax deductions by reporting your tuition payments using federal tax form TL11A.

When can I take courses? Does order matter?

As a project-based, entirely flexible, online program, you can submit projects at any time and in any order. You may also take LTP courses as offered in any order.

Is the program recognized for salary purposes?

The CIAAA has secured approval for this degree for salary upgrade purposes in many provinces. Please contact the CIAAA at for information on the status in your province.

What is the size or length of each project?

Grace College projects can vary greatly in length. Some projects may take 10 hours while others may require 50-100 hours of work. The content dictates the length of the submission, not predetermined requirements. Projects are designed to be relevant and useful to the student - applicable to your actual athletic program.

How long does the program take?

There is no time limit on completion of the program. The Grace College program is designed as a 2-year program, and it is standard for students to complete in 2-3 years. Taking the LTP Courses in advance is one way to increase the speed of program completion.

How do I apply?

Program details including application can be found on the program website here.

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