Our 60-minute workshops complement the LTP course curriculum by covering current and relevant topics in shorter, singular-focused sessions. Workshops are always offered free of charge to CIAAA members and are scheduled around other professional development opportunities in our partner provinces or on-demand.

Topics include:

  • Developing Tough-Minded, Confident, Fearless Student Athletes

  • Building Relationships with Parents for Positive Sport Experiences

  • Coaching for Character, Life Skills, and Sportsmanship

  • Creating Successful Teams

  • Apps, Tech & Social Media for Your Athletic Program

  • Fresh Ideas for Recognition and Awards

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Athletic Program

  • Games Approach to Learning in Sport

  • Mentoring Your Coaches for their Personal Growth

  • Motivating Your Athletes

  • Preparing for Success with Preseason Meetings

  • ... and many more!