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The CIAAA is focused on bringing professional development opportunities to Athletic Directors in as many ways as possible. The key message is this: the CIAAA will never say no to scheduling a course or workshop in your area or for your group online. Contact us with any opportunity to present content and we will find a way to make it happen!


The Leadership Training Program is a content-heavy professional development program designed specifically by and for athletic administrators. Attendees at any course will obtain additional knowledge that can enhance the daily and overall operations of their athletic department and improve their delivery of athletic programs.


Our 60-minute workshops complement the LTP course curriculum by covering current and relevant topics in shorter, singular-focused sessions. Workshops are always offered free of charge to CIAAA members and are scheduled around other professional development opportunities in our partner provinces or on-demand.


Our annual National Athletic Directors Conference is a highlight of the professional development calendar that combines courses and workshops with great features like significant keynote speakers, discussion forums, and many networking and social opportunities. The National Conference typically runs in April.

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