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This membership is designed for anyone who is currently involved in administration of school sport in Canada (athletic directors, employees or volunteers of school sport organizations. Members may vote at meetings of the membership.

**See the CIAAA Bylaws  for more details

This membership is designed for anyone who has retired from school sport administration or those with general interest in school sport and the administration of school sport but not meeting the criteria of active members (includes those enrolled in post secondary courses associated with the administration of school sport). Members may not attend meetings of the membership unless invited or vote.


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Receive preferred pricing on courses, conferences, certification and more!

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Access to our extensive online resource bank to assist with general and complex issues in your athletic department.

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Chat and share thoughts and ideas with your fellow Athletic Directors across the country with our Discussion Forum.

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Attend and host free workshops whenever and wherever they are hosted!

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Access to exclusive CIAAA member discounts with CIAAA preferred vendors/partners.

Members from our partner provinces (currently Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan) also receive:
  • Annual course or event registration credit of $25​

  • Preferred group pricing for any scheduled LTP Courses for your school board/district or athletic zone/district

  • Early online membership activation gift

  • Representation on the CIAAA Board of Directors

Anyone can connect with the CIAAA through:


If you are an Athletic Director in Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan:
  • Primary Athletic Directors whose schools are members of ASAA, BCSS, SHSAA, or PEISAA can activate their annual membership free of additional charge.

    • NEW: secondary Athletic Directors, coaches, or any other staff at member schools can activate a membership at a reduced cost of $15 + tax per year.​

  • You will receive multiple communications from the CIAAA as to how to activate your membership, starting in September or October of each school year. You can always contact for details on activating your membership.

If you are from any other province:
  • Annual memberships (running from September 1st to August 31st) can be purchased for $60 + tax.

  • Click the Members Login link to create an account or sign in. Memberships can be purchased once signed in.

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