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Visit our Conference Vendors!

Take advantage of our new and improved vendor exhibition and connect with professionals who can help make your role as Athletic Director easier!


Be sure to visit ALL of our conference vendors during the Vendor Exhibition. There will be QR code on the platform billboards you can scan. Scan the code for each booth you visit to enter a draw to win a 2023 FREE Vancouver Conference Registration. For every booth you visit, you get an entry!

NADC Vendors

Armilla Tech

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ARMILLA TECH is a dynamic, technology-based, non-verbal communication system. ARMILLA is the newest cutting edge advantage for coaches, student-athletes, and sports teams. This technology provides a way to social distance, while accurately communicating in milliseconds. This three tier encrypted technology; communicates with players on the field, from coaches on the sidelines. A vibration notifies the players of a message, or play, which increases accuracy, focus, and speed of the game. ARMILLA TECH is a "Game Changer" on the field, and not to mention off the field! After the game, Armilla Technology provides a database of all plays and results, saving coaches time and planning for future games. 

ARMILLA TECH is the FUTURE of Sports!


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Daktronics is your campus wide digital partner for scoring, video, audio and communication displays. We design and manufacture professional-level equipment scaled to fit your high school facility and budget. 

Dr.Dish Basketball

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Dr. Dish Basketball is accelerating player performance with the most innovative game-like training solution available, allowing coaches and players to get better faster than ever before. By providing the most usable and advanced shooting machines, on-demand workouts, multi-player stat tracking and instant analytics, Dr. Dish Basketball has become the preferred source for basketball training with progressive coaches and players.

For more information visit: or call 952-873-2633.


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Gipper is the leading social media graphics solution platform in the K-12 industry, enabling schools to create professional graphics for social media - in seconds, on any device, and without needing any design experience. Serving school communications professionals, athletic administrators, coaches and principals - Gipper empowers anyone at a school to create effective and compelling content for social media in just a few clicks. 


With access to a wide range of ready-made templates and seamless social media sharing, schools can create and share more content than ever, all while spending less time and money. In doing so, schools are able to better grow their brand, improve stakeholder communication, and create additional revenue opportunities. 

Grace College

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Grace College Online is pleased to partner with the CIAAA to provide a Masters in Athletic Administration Online that is convenient, practical, and affordable for their members. The CIAAA strives to develop current and future athletic administrators who can lead wholesome, value-added athletic programs. Grace College joins with the CIAAA to utilize the content of their Leadership Training Program Courses (LTPs) as part of its graduate offerings for athletic administrators.

This Master’s degree will a) extend the content of the LTP modules through higher-level thinking and learning activities, and b) enable athletic administrators to receive degree credit for their mastery of the content and their application of that learning in practical ways through their current employment.


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HeadStartPro Performance Training offers the leading online course proven to help coaches, athletes, and teams enhance performance and prevent injuries by improving focus, awareness, and mindfulness. Successful athletes are set apart by their ability to control their minds and control the moment. However, the biggest problem an athlete can face is having an injury. HeadStartPro helps athletes unlock their full potential with performance-driven injury prevention training.


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Hudl is a leading performance analysis company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Founded in 2006, Hudl offers a complete suite of products that empower more than 180,000 global sports teams at every level—from grassroots to professional organizations—to gather insights with video and data. Hudl’s products and services include online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation and more.

Hype Socks

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Hype Socks is a custom apparel manufacturer and distributor specializing in the design and development of Odor-Resistant, Moisture-Managing Performance Socks for athletic organizations or special occasions.

In 2015, we announced the grand-opening of our very own hosiery manufacturing facility. Located in the Former Sock Capital of the World, Fort Payne, AL, we leverage an incredible 300+ years of combined experience. Our highly skilled team of designers and hosiery technicians allow us to offer the best product with unlimited customization.

It's simple...we're the fastest. Because we're manufacturing the product in our own facility, we boast the best turnaround time in the world for custom socks: only 1-4 weeks for customers in the US and Canada.

We offer a low minimum of only 30 total pairs per design/order. This allows our customers to choose a wide variety of socks; home, away, alternate, you name it!

I Got Mind

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Founded in 2008, I Got Mind’s focus is to promote the importance of mental health in the sporting world. Over the years of being heavily involved in sports, founder Bob Wilkie realized that the athletes he was coaching were heading down the same path he had travelled. Unmet expectations, striving for perfection, pressure from coaches and peers all which lead to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. I Got Mind is continuously growing, and a team of passionate former athletes and mental health experts are all working together to support and educate as many people involved in the sport as possible.

InnVest Hotels

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With 81 hotels in its portfolio, representing 14 internationally recognized hotel brands, InnVest is the largest owner of hotels in Canada. In Addition, the management team oversees the day-to-day activities of almost 70 hotels, making InnVest the largest operator of hotels in Canada. InnVest’s portfolio is geographically diverse with hotels from Vancouver, British Columbia to Corner Brook, Newfoundland – from roadside inns, to luxury urban properties. At InnVest, our mission is simple – to deliver outstanding guest experiences and superior returns on quality hospitality investment.

For more information, visit us online at


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At Kintec, their mission is to help you stay active on your feet, for life. They are changing the way people think and feel about their feet and understand how foot pain, discomfort, and injury can significantly impact your life. It’s why Kintec is so passionate about helping their customers feel better so they can move better and go further than they ever thought possible. Kintec continues to define the benchmark for foot care in Canada. Want more information? Visit

O'Neills Sportswear Canada

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Founded in 1918, O’Neills is Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturer and distributor. We have operations across the globe and, in 2019, opened our first Canadian office in Vancouver. We supply custom designed and personalized playing gear, training gear, and leisurewear for schools and colleges across a range of sports including Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, and many more. 2022 Canada Education Brochure


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PlayyOn facilitates commerce and communications for the sports and recreation industry via a modern, online, network platform. Organizers of sport programs and events use PlayyOn to connect, transact and engage with participants. Participants use PlayyOn to follow communications, transact and discover new opportunities, all in one place. Designed to be simple and easy to use, PlayyOn enables organizers of academie, clubs, camps, leagues, school teams, community programs and trainers to spend minimal time on registrations, scheduling and communications. In minutes, an organizer can successfully create a modern presence online and engage their community season after season. PlayyOn saves everyone time, money and the headache of missing information. Whether you want to move from ‘paper’ to online, or switch from clunky, legacy software, PlayyOn makes it easy to use.

REPerformance Inc.

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We’ve taken the 1 on 1 strength coach methodology and have equipped teachers and coaches with a platform to consistently measure how your students and athletes are progressing in a group setting. With an automated workout generator, there’s no excuse to leave kids without the knowledge. Just think back to the experience in sport or gym class, had the opportunity to implement a workout been granted, how would your interpretation of fitness be shaped?

Sport Injury Prevention Centre (U of C)

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The Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre is one of 11 International Research Centres for the Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health supported by the International Olympic Committee, located in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Through a rigorous academic approach, we study the patterns, causes and effects of sport and recreational injury. We use this knowledge to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to prevent injury. Through strong relationships with community partners, sport associations, schools, parents and youth, we make a positive impact on participants in youth sport and recreation.


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Founded in 1991, Sportfactor has become the most trusted school sports supply company in the industry. Our focus is high quality school gym equipment and the commitment to provide a streamlined customer-first approach. Ignited by a passion for sports and the invaluable friendships that come from it, we love supporting our schools and individual customers because we believe everyone should have the absolute best when it comes to sporting goods and supplies.

 We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience everything from the rush of a little friendly competition to the invaluable team-building skills that come from sports and group activities. Whether you're looking for PE and school sporting equipment or simply a trusted supplier for your sports team, you can count on us to supply everything you need, when you need it.

Student-Athlete Program

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The Student athlete Program is an app-based program that improves the character, leadership and sportsmanship of high school athletes. We provide short bursts of daily content to athletes and have enough content to cover 3 seasons a year x 4 years. When athletes respond to reflective questions, coaches can view these responses are their own app and engage in meaningful team discussions.

Traxx Coachlines

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TRAXX is a premium transportation and logistics company serving Alberta and B.C. With drivers experienced in all road conditions and a large fleet of motor coaches we are equipped to get you and your group where you need to go while exceeding the industry’s safety standards and practices. We have a zero-tolerance towards anything that could affect the safe transport of any of our passengers, whether that be departing, en route to a tournament, or returning home from games on the road.

Vereburn Medical Supply

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Vereburn Medical Supply is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of name brand and private label products and equipment focusing in on the Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical, Healthcare and First Aid markets. Vereburn has been in operation since 1979 based in Calgary, Alberta and services accounts across Canada. Vereburn offers competitive pricing and a top of the line customer service experience.

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