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Take advantage of our vendor exhibition and connect with professionals who can help make your role as Athletic Director easier!


Visit ALL of our conference vendors during the Vendor Exhibition. Each vendor you visit will have a secret word hiding on their background, be sure to write down that word and enter it on your vendor passport to be entered in a draw to win a 2022 CIAAA National Conference Registration.

NADC Vendors

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Castle Rock Research Corporation

Castle Rock Research Corporation is a Canadian company that specializes in providing students in grades 3-12 with educational resources to support academic achievement. Over the past 25 years, Castle Rock’s portfolio of learning tools has helped hundreds of thousands of students across North America learn, study, and prepare for assessments. Through their new “Partners in Education” initiative, Castle Rock Research is committed to providing student-athletes with affordable access to the academic resources they need to excel both on the field and in the classroom. 

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Coach Evaluator

Coach Evaluator is the premier coach evaluation software for schools and athletic organizations! The system is completely customizable with an always growing evaluation template library hosting an array of evaluation forms with everything from in-season/end of season athletic director evaluations of the coach, coach self-evaluations/season reports, and student/parent surveys to choose or reference. Coach Evaluator offers a built in work-flow tracking each coach evaluation from start to finish including document uploads, email notifications, and on-line sign-offs eliminating the need for physical signatures to help streamline the evaluation process. There is built in detailed historical reporting allowing the athletic director to analyze each and all coaches performance over time. Learn more about digitizing and simplifying your coach evaluation process by visiting!

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Coach +

COACH+ is a business designed to support sport coaches in their ongoing development. Working closely with sport clubs, colleges, universities as well as Provincial and national sport organizations, COACH+ delivers custom training to a variety of different sports, including esports, both in-person and online. COACH+ is lead by former Coaching Association of Canada, Coach Developer of the Year, Glenn Cundari."

Untitled design (2).png is the official membership and registration services provider of the CIAAA. They are your complete amateur sports solution, offering online registration, custom websites, membership management, scheduling, statistics and results.

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Elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools are 100% satisfied with Eznet. LCDSB bought 100 in 2016 and still use them. Why? Lightweight. Patented, indestructible bendable polypropylene frame and corners and mesh. Up and down by students in 2 minutes. Stores in shoulder bag. Affordable from the source, Inventor Tom Stewart: 647-991-3528 MENTION THE SHOW - SAVE 10% $249.99 each + tax DELIVERED

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HeadStartPro Performance Training offers the leading online course proven to help coaches, athletes, and teams enhance performance and prevent injuries by improving focus, awareness, and mindfulness. Successful athletes are set apart by their ability to control their minds and control the moment. However, the biggest problem an athlete can face is having an injury. HeadStartPro helps athletes unlock their full potential with performance-driven injury prevention training.

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Hone Athletics

Once a week, athletes are asked to complete a survey on their phone about their mental health over the past week. The results, available on the coaches dashboard, will give coaches a snapshot of how their team is feeling about different stressors that impact athletes capacity to perform. The coaches dashboard is created through individual athletes’ anonymous input. For each of the six stressors, the coach will receive suggestions and information about how you can best support your players, however they report feeling. The results of the survey will coaches to make the necessary adjustments in their teams training plan to ensure teams are moving towards optimum team culture and performance.

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Hype Socks

Hype Socks is a custom apparel manufacturer and distributor specializing in the design and development of Odor-Resistant, Moisture-Managing Performance Socks for athletic organizations or special occasions. In 2015, we announced the grand-opening of our very own hosiery manufacturing facility. Located in the Former Sock Capital of the World, Fort Payne, AL, we leverage an incredible 300+ years of combined experience. Our highly skilled team of designers and hosiery technicians allow us to offer the best product with unlimited customization.It's simple...we're the fastest. Because we're manufacturing the product in our own facility, we boast the best turnaround time in the world for custom socks: only 1-4 weeks for customers in the US and Canada.We offer a low minimum of only 30 total pairs per design/order. This allows our customers to choose a wide variety of socks; home, away, alternate, you name it!

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I Got Mind

Over the past 13 years, I Got Mind has had the pleasure of supporting and learning from thousands of people. What we have learned and share in our programs is relevant, impactful, and entertaining. The team of experts here at IGM are passionate survivors who share their personal experiences along with their education to eliminate the ignorance that causes many issues. It is about learning how to manage yourself. Our attendees need reminders, they need support and ideas. We go through life without knowing about the most complicated and interesting thing in the world, themselves. We brush our issues aside and expect that it will eventually go away. They do not. They become our fears, our habits, our inadequacies. In order to live well, we must be well. And that is a tall order. Join us and learn how to eliminate the issues that cause you discomfort, frustration, and chaos. We know from personal experience, it is such a relief, it is so rewarding, and the life we have wanted to live becomes possible regardless of the situation. Come and gain your mental strength.

O'Neills Sportswear Canada

Founded in 1918, O’Neills is Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturer and distributor. We have operations across the globe and, in 2019, opened our first Canadian office in Vancouver. We supply custom designed and personalized playing gear, training gear, and leisurewear for schools and colleges across a range of sports including Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, and many more. Click here to view our School Brochure & Information

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We are a group of passionate athletes and coaches promoting a love of sport and recreation activities. PlayyOn’s founders were concerned with the declining sports participation rates in both youth and adults. Knowing that participating in sports and recreation is important for both physical and mental reasons they set out to improve the organized sports industry.

PlayyOn believes we can use technology to bring back the camaraderie, fun and love of sport to people of all ages and abilities.

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PRIVIT is a health and safety technology company which pioneered comprehensive solutions for paperless management of student athlete health. PRIVIT Profile is an athlete safety management software solution that allows schools, universities, and youth sports organizations to comply with mandatory rules and keep their sports participants safe using a user-friendly, app-based, cloud registration and storage environment. Recently, PRIVIT Pass, a front-end data collection platform for registration for lab, diagnostic and serial testing, was launched to power and safeguard COVID testing records. 

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REPerformance Inc.

We’ve taken the 1 on 1 strength coach methodology and have equipped teachers and coaches with a platform to consistently measure how your students and athletes are progressing in a group setting. With an automated workout generator, there’s no excuse to leave kids without the knowledge. Just think back to the experience in sport or gym class, had the opportunity to implement a workout been granted, how would your interpretation of fitness be shaped?



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Sport Injury Prevention Centre (U of C)

The Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre is one of 11 International Research Centres for the Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health supported by the International Olympic Committee, located in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Through a rigorous academic approach, we study the patterns, causes and effects of sport and recreational injury. We use this knowledge to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to prevent injury. Through strong relationships with community partners, sport associations, schools, parents and youth, we make a positive impact on participants in youth sport and recreation.

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The Fanatic Group

Over the past 15 years, The Fanatic Group has lead the industry in providing officially licensed collegiate products and custom branded gift merchandise to over 4,000 colleges and schools nationwide.

We offer full color digital print on all of our products, customization with a full service graphic design team, low minimums and fast turnaround times. Click here to view our conference discount!

Featured Conference Sponsors

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